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Changelog - Alpha 2.1.0

Discussion in 'FiveM' started by Flameshocker, Dec 30, 2018.

  1. Flameshocker

    Flameshocker Hacking The NSA Staff Member Manager

    == 2018-12-30==
    - Fixed the /repair command so it's a valid command
    - Changed the /help command
    - Added a Tutorial on the server
    - Fixed a bit more on the Money Launderer
    - Changed location of the Black Market
    - Fixed so now you can press f9 to see id
    - Added so it now  displayes TheGoldyIron on Discord
    - Fixed some cars that was bugged
    - Fixed the bug with vechile shop so now you can sell your cars again
    - Fixed the ai so now they shouden't be that crazy
    - Added a new Loading screen
    - Fixed alot of small bugs that is not worth mentioning :Kappa:
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