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Changelog - Alpha 2.2.0

Discussion in 'FiveM' started by Flameshocker, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. Flameshocker

    Flameshocker Hacking The NSA Staff Member Manager

    == 2019-1-10==
    - Changed weed location to a new hidden spot
    - Added cocain and it's hidded somewhere on the map might add some more later  ;)
    - Added Burglary so now you can rob a house
    - Remade the whole chat system
    - Added cruise control (F5)
    - Fixed a bug with the  vehicle shop
    - Added slots machines redone
    - Added fishing down by the pier
    - Added So the Police now can tackle you
    - Fixed a bug with the seatbelt
    - Fixed a bug with money launderer
    - Fixed a bug with mecano
    - Fixed a bug with the Cartrunk
    - Black market is also now hidden somwhere on the map
    - Added a new job trucker
    - Added so police and ambulaance can go off-duty
    - Added raced arround the town so now you can compete against the Clock and get the higest on the scoreboard
    - Fixed a bug with the jewlery robbery
    - Remade the loadingscreen
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