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Ready up!

Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by ZebZ, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. ZebZ

    ZebZ Active Member Staff Member Manager

    It was a time ago i made any updates to the Minecraft service. Though this has changed!

    There have been lots of maintenance to the Minecraft service and for the overall performance of the host machine! We have removed old and unused plugins to clean up and increase the performance. It has been confirmed that the ping have been lowered by almost 50% for some users far away from Sweden.

    Not only that we have updated most of the plugins and server software to the latest version to keep the best performance available.

    And to spice the gameplay up we have started working on the Prison server and it is now in alpha stage available for any donator. So to get early access send a coffee to the staff!

    To continue on the spicy stuff we just recently added a new server called RebelWar. This server can be found in the hub Server Selector or by typing /rebelwar.

    RebelWar is all about KitPvP and killing zombies. So if you just like to pvp, go play!

    For any questions contact our staff!

    Notice: RebelWar is still being tweaked and worked on. We are not yet done with the server.

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