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TheGoldyIron - Minecraft Prison

Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by Dextnt, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. Dextnt

    Dextnt Member

    Hello Players!
    We are currently working on a new project, a big one.
    This Project is a Prison server. (And after a lot of "we will, we will," we finally started)

    This servers first goal is to get out of prison, from C to B to A and free. These mines will be hard to rank up and wont take 30min of medium working. ;)
    And if you are that one that like thinking out a nice plan, then there will, or will not, be some secrets that may give you some advantage.

    But the fun dosen't end when you're out, when you're out of prison then you will be able to choose if you want to be a normal Citizen, Criminal, Police, Guard, ect.

    Then you can play as "agressive" or smart as you want.

    How we will do this:

    First we will host a Closed Alpha, this will be for spesific Youtubers to test out for any bugs or exploits in our system.

    After that, a Open Beta, for everyone that are registered to our forum, this is to find some harder-to-find exploits.

    Finally we will Release the server to the public and everyone can play, but everything won't be 100% done then, because we will continue working on the
    server after request.

    Right now we are in a too early stages of the server to give out any times when it will be done.

    What we are working on right now: Building the prison (Done in a few weeks thanks to our fast builder)
    Next: Plugins

    (New forum hype)
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2017

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